The Mandala

A gathering place for the Gaia Mandala Global Healing Community


We invite you to read this whole page before you request to join. Thank you!

The Mandala is for the Gaia Mandala Global Healing Community--a family of friends & practitioners from around the world who are hearing the call of the Earth to wake up and engage with the great work of our time, to participate in restoring balance and harmony to the web of life.

Each of us in our own way is dedicated to being a holy vessel for global healing and collective awakening. We are cultivating transformational practices personally and practicing sacred activism collectively for the benefit of all. We are listening deeply. Opening fully. Making relations with each other and making offerings to Mother Earth. We are aligned with the cycles of the moon and sun and we are claiming our true nature to live in harmony within the web of life and in relationship to each other.

We are a growing circle, an extended community, an inter-denominational sangha. We are each a node on a global mandala of healing, protection and renewal for the Earth. In love with life, we recognize our relationship of interbeing and give thanks for the opportunity of this precious human life to wake up and offer ourselves as vessels for healing in all the ways that are called for in these times.

This is a space where we can get to know each other, deepen our experiences of the practices we are doing, and learn from each other!

The Mandala is a gathering place for our community. Together we are creating a vessel for global healing and collective awakening. All that takes place here in The Mandala is in relation to the practices we do together. The Mandala is a place to reflect on these practices and to be a support to one another on the path. 

You may request to join The Mandala if you have participated in at least one of our meditations: the Full Moon Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Meditation, the Tara Gaia Practice, or our Monday Mindfulness Meditation. If you would like to learn more about our offerings, please visit our website:

Please read our community guidelines and before requesting to join The Mandala. Thank you!

1. Please speak from your own experiences.

We are honored by your presence and wish to learn from your journey of healing and awakening. When sharing, please be mindful to avoid generalities and instead focus on statements that reflect your personal experiences. A great model for this is to begin by using language like “I feel . . .” or “From my experience. . .”

Additionally, please know that Alliance for the Earth (the nonprofit organization that administers The Mandala)  accepts no liability for any views, information, or opinions expressed on this platform, as they do not necessarily represent those of Alliance for the Earth, its employees, or volunteers. We ask each individual member to hold the responsibility of being mindful of the community and how your words or actions may impact others, so that we might practice the conscientious care we wish to welcome into the world for the benefit of all beings. 

2. Honor the plurality of truth.

Part of our collective awakening is realizing that each person comes to these practices with their own unique histories and stories. Please be respectful of the journey of others when interacting within The Mandala and our practice groups, understanding that we can learn just as much from our differences as we can from our commonalities.

Along with honoring the plurality of perspectives present in The Mandala, we welcome the sharing of all forms of art and expression that remind us of our shared intentions. Please only pass on these creations beyond our circle with the consent of the people who made them, giving proper credit, so as not to violate their copyrights.

3. Return focus to the practices and our shared intentions.

We ask that your postings and contributions to The Mandala and in our groups center on our shared practices and deepen our collective awareness of them. This is not a place for self-promotion or marketing. If you have a question about this or feel strongly that what you would like to offer is in alignment, please let the host know and we will consider your request. 

In general, please help bring our focus back to global healing and collective awakening through your stories, songs, poems, prayers, images, and personal reflections or responses to recent practice sessions, invitations around an Earth Treasure Vase that is being worked with, experiences and feelings you are experiencing in your meditations or in life that you would like support with, or anything else that supports you and the community in deepening our understanding.

4. Receive the lessons and leave the stories.

Please respect the confidentiality of other participants of The Mandala. Members of the community may share vulnerable reflections in the process of learning and growing together on the path of healing and awakening. We wish to create a safe space where we can all be open and inspire one another, while also feeling secure that our stories will not be reshared beyond the boundaries of The Mandala.

5. Respectful behavior.

When invited to join The Mandala please remember to regard this space and all our group practices as if you have entered a temple or sacred space where we gather to strengthen and support each other in our practices of healing and transformation. We are engaged in a process of collective awakening in response to the times. This is the work of sacred activism. Meditation instructions and requests for ways of participation in our groups are intended to support our collective experience. For example, during meditations if your host invites you to turn off your video or mute your audio, please do so respectfully. In the group sharing, please be mindful of the size of the group, the remaining time for sharing and remember that we speak for each other. Our intention is to create a conducive atmosphere for everyone.

The questions that you will be asked when you "Request to Join" are intended to help us learn more about you, and to ensure that this community matches your needs. Please answer with heartfelt responses to help us to get a sense of who you are and what is calling you to our community. Please reach out to us with any inquiries at [email protected].

Many blessings on the path of awakening!